Revolutionize Your Franchise Marketing

Unified digital marketing delivers effective, reliable & scalable results for all your franchisees. 

Break free from ineffective, fragmented franchise marketing

Your growing franchise system deserves better!

Finally! Reliable marketing results at scale

Unified digital marketing is a  strategy that leverages technology to rapidly deploy localized campaigns for all your franchisees, making truly data-driven decision-making possible.  

The benefit to you? More confidence in your marketing. 

FranBoost can identify the best marketing approaches faster, replicate what works across your entire franchise system, and optimize campaigns in real time.

Smarter marketing. Bigger launches. Better results. Driven by data.

See how we can help your franchise network.

Grow faster with unified digital marketing

By leveraging data from many franchise locations, FranBoost maximizes marketing impact across your entire franchise system.

More Control

We work directly with franchisors like you to guarantee on-brand campaigns that are hyper-localized for each franchisee.

Real Results

Our campaigns launch fast and collect unified data in real time, so we can rapidly focus investment on the campaigns that work best.

Faster Optimization

Unified data collection allows Franboost to iterate rapidly and consistently improve your brand’s campaigns over time.


"Partnering with FranBoost in 2018 has been a game-changer for our brand. Their local-level strategies have driven our brand's growth and ensured consistent, measurable outcomes, helping us achieve royalty sufficiency. FranBoost lets us concentrate on core brand management, confidently knowing they deliver the marketing results we need. For franchises seeking standout digital marketing and franchisee satisfaction, FranBoost's proven results make them an indispensable partner in today's competitive market."
CEO & Founder | The Exercise Coach

Deliver the #1 thing your franchisees want:

More customers.

As industry veterans ourselves, we understand the pressure you feel to help franchisees succeed – how else can you grow a viable 100+ unit brand? FranBoost combines our over 10 years of franchise digital marketing expertise with your unique insights into your customer base, to deliver real results across your franchise network that get even better over time. 

It’s our goal to help you become the marketing hero your franchisees deserve. 

How It Works

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Book a Discovery Call

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Try Us Out

Try Us Out

Implement Franboost with a small group of franchise locations to see our unified marketing system in action and get results.

Scale Your Success

Scale Your Success

Unified data collection allows Franboost to iterate rapidly and consistently improve your brand’s campaigns over time.

Truly different franchise digital marketing 

Step off the hamster wheel of hiring and firing marketing agencies once and for all.

With FranBoost’s data-driven unified approach, you can:

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