Creating Impactful Franchise Videos: Key Trends and Tactics for 2024

Creating Impactful Franchise Videos: Key Trends and Tactics for 2024

As we approach 2024, the landscape of franchise marketing is rapidly evolving. One of the most effective tools in this new era is franchise videos. These videos showcase the brand’s offerings, tell a story, connect emotionally with the audience, and ultimately drive conversions. But how can you create franchise videos that truly make an impact? Let’s explore the key trends and tactics for creating impactful franchise videos in 2024.

Trend #1: Storytelling

Storytelling has always been a powerful tool in marketing, but it’s becoming even more important in franchise videos. A compelling story can captivate your audience, make your brand more relatable, and create a lasting impression.

In 2024, expect to see more franchise videos that tell a story – whether it’s the story of how the franchise was founded, the journey of a successful franchisee, or a day in the life of a customer. These stories connect emotionally with the audience and provide valuable insights into the brand’s values and culture.

Tactic: Use Authentic Stories

When it comes to storytelling, authenticity is key. Instead of creating a fictional story, consider using real stories from your franchisees or customers. This adds credibility to your video and makes it more relatable to your audience.

For example, you could interview a franchisee about their journey with your brand or create a mini-documentary about a customer whom your products or services have significantly impacted. These real stories can be incredibly powerful and help you build a strong emotional connection with your audience.

Trend #2: User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is another major trend in franchise video marketing. UGC refers to any type of content – including videos – that’s created by users rather than the brand itself. This type of content is often perceived as more authentic and trustworthy, making it a powerful tool for building trust and credibility.

In 2024, more franchises will leverage UGC in their video marketing strategies. This could include customer testimonials, unboxing videos, user-created tutorials, and how-to videos.

Tactic: Encourage UGC Through Contests and Challenges

One effective way to generate UGC is through contests and challenges. For example, you could create a hashtag challenge on social media, where users are encouraged to create and share videos using your products or services. Not only does this generate a ton of user-created content for your brand, but it also helps to increase brand awareness and engagement.

Alternatively, you could host a video contest inviting users to create videos about your brand to win prizes. This encourages UGC and creates a sense of community and engagement around your brand.

Trend #3: Mobile Optimization

With more and more people consuming video content on their mobile devices, mobile optimization is becoming increasingly important. This means ensuring your videos are viewable, engaging, and effective on mobile devices.

In 2024, expect to see more franchises prioritizing mobile optimization in their video marketing strategies. This could include using vertical video formats, incorporating mobile-friendly features like subtitles or captions, and optimizing video lengths for mobile viewing.

Tactic: Use Vertical Video Formats

One of the key tactics for mobile optimization is using vertical video formats. Vertical videos take up more screen space on mobile devices, making them more engaging and immersive for mobile viewers.

Platforms like Instagram and TikTok have popularized the vertical video format, and many brands are now incorporating this format into their video marketing strategies. Consider creating vertical versions of your franchise videos to ensure they’re optimized for mobile viewing.

Creating impactful franchise videos in 2024 will require a strategic approach incorporating key trends and tactics. By focusing on storytelling, leveraging user-generated content, and optimizing for mobile viewing, you can create franchise videos that engage your audience and drive results for your brand.

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